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February 24th – 25th - Johannesburg

2017 we had..

Stop blaming the economy and create your own. You can't sit around and wait for things to get better; you have to make it happen. JT Foxx, along with other high-level international entrepreneurs, are coming together for the greater good of the country and your future. Billionaires, Millionaires, start-ups or people interested in starting a business will unite under the theme #EntrepreneursUniteSA. These individuals are coming together to share with you how they became successful and what you need to succeed in 2018. This is the biggest wealth event of the year and one that will make sure your 2018 path is in line with your objective and vision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a selling event like every event?

There will be several speakers but not every speaker will be selling a product. Expect 98% content instead of 100% selling.

What content will be taught?

The current economic situation will be discussed along with the rand and the future prospects of South Africa. The billionaires, multi-millionaires and industry tycoons will share their strategies to success, best practices in marketing, branding, and sales. There will be a lot of focus on growing one's business, starting your first business and hiring and keeping the right people. Some of the content will probably be the most advanced you have heard, which will explain why you will also see a lot of high end entrepreneurs at this event.

What is the Dress Code?

Business attire: preferably a suit but at least business casual. Jeans, shorts, T-shirts and sandals are not allowed. People who do not conform to the dress code will unfortunately be turned away.

What does VIP Include?

You will get pictures with EVERY celebrity, which is amazing for your brand and credibility. Get priority seating. All the A-Players get VIP and I know that this is a no brainer for you. Remember the best sit closer to the stage.


JT Foxx

Known as a branding and marketing genius, JT owns over 50 companies and brands in everything from education, technology, real estate, clothing, diamonds, insurance, lending and internet presence. He is the author of the highly acclaimed book "Millionaire Underdog: Against All Odds"; the greatest book on how to start, grow and explode any business. He also does business in more than 30 countries worldwide and is referred to as the "World's #1 Wealth Coach".

Basetsana Kumalo

Basetsana Kumalo is a South African television personality, beauty pageant titleholder, businesswoman, and philanthropist. Her career began in 1990 when she was crowned Miss Soweto and Miss Black South Africa at the age of 16. She was crowned Miss South Africa in 1994 and in the same year became the first runner-up in Miss World.

Steven Bradbury

Steven Bradbury was just seventeen years old when he was a member of Australia's World Championship winning short-track relay team in Sydney in 1991 which was the first world title won by Australia in a major winter sport. He was part of the relay squad for the 1992 Games but did not skate in the semi-final as the Aussies crashed out of the event. Considered a medal contender in the individual events at Lillehammer he was hampered by crashing rivals in both events and did not reach a final although he was part of the Australian relay team that skated to their nations first ever Winter Games medal. Their Olympic bronze was matched at that year’s World Championships.

In 1995 Bradbury was involved in an accident at a meeting in Montreal where his thigh was slashed by another skaters blade. He lost a large amount of blood as the blade sliced his quadricep muscles and required over a hundred stitches to the leg. Having recovered from the injury he regained his form and entered the 1998 Olympic Games with medal ambitions but failed to make it out of the heats. He broke two vertebra in his neck in a training accident in late 2000 and missed the 2000-01 season but returned the next season with the intention of competing at one last Winter Games.

The events of Salt Lake City are the stuff of Australian legend. Bradbury, by then considered in the twilight of his career, qualified simply enough from his heat but finished third in the quarter-final and would have been eliminated if [Marc Gagnon] of Canada had not been disqualified. In his semi-final he was in a poor position and due for elimination but a collision between skaters from Korea and Japan gave him the opportunity to win the race. What had taken place in the heats, unlikely as it was, paled in comparison with the final. In a five man final Bradbury was tailed off in last position throughout the race as the other four battled for the title. As they approached the last turn [Li Jiajun] and [Apolo Anton Ohno] clashed and in the resulting melee all four men found themselves sliding out of control towards the barriers. By the time Bradbury arrived the path was clear and he crossed the line to win the gold medal before anybody else could react. Bradbury also competed in three other events in Salt Lake City and reached the B final in the 1500m.

He retired after the Games and began a career as a motivational speaker and worked for Australian television as a commentator for the 2006 Winter Olympics. Bradbury published his autobiography aptly titled Last Man Standing in 2005 and since his success the phrase “Doing a Bradbury” has entered Australian vocabulary as the epitome of an unlikely success against all odds.

Francie Baldwin

The Driving Force Behind The JT Foxx Brand.

Francie first came to the JT Foxx Organization in 2012 as a coaching student. After attending multiple events she launched her own Marketing Company and officially joined the JT Foxx team as the Director of Marketing in October of 2013.

Before going out on her own she had worked in marketing and mass media for companies that include Hearst, NBC Universal, Comcast, and FOX Broadcasting. She has done a lot of work in Social Media, Lead Generation, and adapting social trends to generate business.

After being coached by JT Foxx, Francie joined the organization as their Director of Marketing and completely took the JT Foxx Organization and turned it into a worldwide brand. JT Foxx needed somebody to take all of his visions and ideas and implement them; Francie was the one to make this happen.

Anthony Lolli

Anthony Lolli is the Founder, Owner, and Chief Executive Officer of Rapid Realty Franchise, LLC. A true entrepreneur, his passion, positivity, and relentless dedication to his goals have led Rapid Realty from its humble beginnings in a single room to one of the largest—and fastest growing—real estate companies in New York City.

Anthony’s dynamic leadership style, business innovation, and philanthropy have garnered recognition both locally—receiving awards from New York publications like The Queens Courier and Brooklyn Spectator—and on the international stage.

Damien Elston

Hands down one of the top sales strategists when it comes to selling product and services.

The fuel that keeps any organization going is sales, and he knows how to drive this within an organization. Not only is he a super sales trainer, but he is a CEO driven by growth and the bottom line. Every company needs a Damien or someone just like him, it doesn’t have to be you, but you need to know what to look for in a top level CEO!

Mark Anthony Bates

Mark Anthony is the Yoda of speaking coaches. Known as "The Coach of Coaches", he doesn’t just turn good speakers into stellar speakers; he helps them tap the Force within to bring out their true power.

Mark Anthony zeroes in on what makes a person’s presence unique. He then helps tailor the message they’re delivering so that it’s amplified by the individual’s unique personality and gifts – But he also helps them craft heir message in a way that is totally congregant within themselves, so that when they’re addressing their audience they connect with them wide and deep in a way that few others can.

Johanna Mukoki

Johanna Mukoki is a successful entrepreneur with various industry accolades. She graduated from Rhodes University with high academic performance. She is the executive producer of SABC 2’s Women on the Move, a business program highlighting successful South African businesswomen from around the country. Johanna is also the group CEO and shareholder of Travel with Flair, a travel management company with branches in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Kwa-Zulu Natal. She is a dynamic motivational speaker on entrepreneurship, reaching your best potential, living your best life, and various business life topics.

Event Details

Date & Time:

February 24-25, 2018
Saturday and Sunday
Day 1: Registration will begin at 7:00 am and the event will start at 9:00 am. Day 2: The event will start at 8:00 am. Please note these are two full days that will end around 8:30 pm or so. You will want to stay for the whole event.


Theatre on the Track
No. 4 Kyalami Boulevard
Kyalami Business Park,
Johannesburg 1684 South Africa

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